GORKHA BAZAR opened its doors on April 6, 2005 with just a few bottles of liquor and a beer tap. Word soon spread and a lively, friendly crowd began to gather to spend the summer nights drinking, sampling Nepalese snacks and chatting in a half dozen languages. This foundation has remained the core of the GORKHA BAZAR experience: a friendly gathering place and a second home for all nationalities in the heart of South Osaka.

Expansions in 2007 and 2008 saw GORKHA BAZAR add a kitchen and full restuarant with seating upstairs and next door to the original tachinomiya (standing bar). The restaurant serves a full menu of mouth-watering Nepalese cuisine and some Japanese izakaya favorites, seating around 30 customers.

The bar has expanded a great deal as well, serving a wide variety of refreshments to our regulars varied tastes, from fine whiskeys to cool, soothing lassis. The basement features a performance space for Nepalese music and film screenings. The roof is currently being converted into a cozy beer garden for customers to enjoy the breeze on those summer nights.

Come by GORKHA BAZAR for just a drink or a full feast and enjoy the lively international crowd and first-rate hospitality!

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